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As a ten-year-old boy inspired by fellow Ohioan, Neil Armstrong, when he landed on the moon in 1969, Scott dreamed of someday becoming part of something larger than himself. Ten years later, through a series of serendipitous life events, Scott Phillips embarked on a career with NASA's groundbreaking Space Shuttle Program. He was the last team member to exit the first External Tank prior to its maiden flight on April 12, 1981, and saved the Remove Before Flight ribbon as a memento. What followed was an extraordinary 33-year adventure, encompassing the entire span of the program -- from the depths of tragedy to the exclusive never-before-seen photos and first-hand stories. Remove Before Flight takes the reader on a historical and personal journey that will enlighten and entertain.

“Scott’s unique artistic rendition of the Shuttle in flight inspires the observer to imagine what it would have been like to ride the most amazing flying machine ever built into space. As astronauts, we saw no borders separating the peoples of our common planet, and Scott’s distinct blending of woods indigenous to the countries of the world suggests one world without division. Scott has captured that concept and his work suggests the world will work together to accomplish our human destiny to the stars.”

Col. Brian Duffy, USAF (Ret.)

NASA Astronaut

Space Shuttle Pilot STS-45, 57 and Commander STS-72, 92 (100th Shuttle flight)




Scott Phillips has literally and figuratively helped shape space shuttle history, first as a member of the team that oversaw the vehicle's enormous external tank and then through his unique rare wood models of the shuttle itself. His passion for the 30-year program and pride for being a part of it is evident in both the stories he shares and the skill he applies to crafting each of his art pieces. He fully embodies his nickname, "Shuttleman."

Robert Pearlman, Editor of collectSPACE.com



“The Space Shuttle Program fired the imagination of a generation. A ship like no other with its place in history secure, Scott’s first-hand accounts and unique art continue the mission to inspire the next generation of possibilities. C.F Martin Sr., our founding father, would be proud of that legacy. So it is fitting to have one of Scott’s art pieces exhibited alongside the first American guitar in space, in the C.F. Martin Museum that celebrates Martin’s vital place in America’s ever-evolving musical culture.”


Dick Boak

Director of Museum, Archives & Special Projects

C.F Martin Co., Nazareth, PA



“Scott hit the universal sweet spot with his shuttle art and first-hand accounts of the American Space Shuttle adventure. The reader will readily relate to this beautifully written book by recalling when and where they were during these historic events. I commend Scott for dedicating his entire career to the success of the External Tank. He indeed made a BIG difference for the Space Shuttle Program.”


Jim Kennedy

Former Director 

John F. Kennedy Space Center

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