Youtube Interview with Scott Phillips (2021)


NASA Woodwork Youtube Channel (2020) 

Jim Parker's Singer/Songwriter Series (September 6, 2019)


50th Anniversary Moon Landing Commemorative C.F. Martin Guitar!! (July 2019)

"American Treasure"

Alan Little guitar performance at Martin Guitar Company (July 2019)

Photos at The Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL  (July 2019)

Moon Tree Garden Dedication
July 12, 2019
Kennedy Space Center, FL

Intarsia by Judy Gale Roberts, Kennedy Space Center, FL

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AIAA Huntsville, AL (January 23, 2017)

Madison Street Festival - October 1, 2016


Tyler selling his handmade products

Artistry in Wood (Wilmington, Ohio) - September 2016

With Scott and Suzy Phillips (The American Woodshop on PBS)

Featured Woodworker at Artistry in Wood!

Atlantis Museum, Kennedy Space Center (July 2016)


 The face of our next generation

Scott with Doug Hurley (Pilot STS-135) and Mike Lineback (STS-135 Launch Director)

 Channel 31 Interview - November 2016

STS-1 Pilot, Bob Crippen and STS-1 Commander, John Young

Davidson Center, Huntsville, AL - 2012

Comicon, Biloxi, MS - October 2015

Atlantis Museum - May 2015

Kennedy Space Center, STS-135

Post STS-133 at MSFC

Time Capsule - 2005

MSFC Post Shuttle Program - August, 2011

Marshall Star Publication (MSFC) - 2011

Woodcraft, Parkersburg, PA - 2015

HD-28 Martin Guitar

C. F. Martin Co. Sounding Board Magazine - July, 2011